Providing favorable conditions such as temperature, ventilation, enough feed and water are vital from the first day, for the chicks delivered from Alphindi hatching facility to our poultries. All the producers who grow broiler for Alphindi are contracted and locations of the poultries begin from Thrace and extend to Istanbul, İzmit, Sakarya, Bolu, Balıkesir and Bursa. Our producers get a payment over the “live kilogram of turkeys” delivered in exchange for the growing work they did. Therefore, the payment they will get varies according to the performance of turkeys they delivered. The turkeys are grown under regular supervision of our expert veterinarians, agricultural engineers and Ministry of Livestock and Agriculture officials. Feed of turkeys also vary according to their age. The protein and energy values in the feed are set for higher performance according to age of the turkeys. Performances of the chicks are checked by weighing every week and in case of decline in weight gain, the reason is found out and the necessary interventions are made. In such a case, the “Alphindi diagnosis laboratory” gives support to the grower units. The poultries emptied for slaughter are cleaned, washed and disinfected in accordance with the hygiene procedures in preparation for the next cycle and appropriate conditions for new chicks are ensured.