Being fully integrated in the poultry industry means to have breeding facility, hatchery, feedmill and slaughterhouse under the same company roof. As only Alphindi has its own breeding facility in Turkey, Alphindi is proud of being the only fully integrated turkey company in Turkey. Being fully integrated, the eggs are under supervision and control of our company from production until reaching on your table.

All turkeys are produced and cut in accordance with Islamic procedures in Alphindi. In this regard, our company has the halal certificate issued by GIMDES company; You can see our updated Halal Certificate in the certificates section.

The feed for the turkeys is produced in our Erenler factory in Sakarya province. All feed mixtures within the feed program created for our turkeys are completely vegetative and we grow our turkeys as vegetarian. Alphindi feed mixtures are composed of mainly corn and soybean. The corn is used as a source of energy and the soybean is a very important source of vegetable protein. In addition, our feed includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids and probiotics which are important for growth of our turkeys.

All raw materials entering our feedmill must have the standards bearing their features. Therefore, the raw materials to be used must have the certificate showing their standards. In addition, all raw materials purchased are tested in the laboratory in our feedmill for compliance before they are accepted to our facility.

Use of antibiotics and any growth factors in poultries is banned in Turkey  at the same time with European Union. In Alphindi, we are strictly opposed to use of such products, with the philosophy of ‘Do not produce something that you cannot consume’. In addition, our production is regularly inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock officials under the National Residue Monitoring program.

Antibiotics are used only under prescription and supervision of our veterinarians in case of disease with the aim of treatment. If we had to use antibiotics for our turkeys, the turkeys are certainly not sent to slaughter house before antibiotics are fully purified from body of the turkeys.

Alphindi grows the fatling turkeys in closed system poultries we work on a contractual basis. Such poultries are cage-free, temperature-controlled and regularly get fresh air. The turkeys are protected under high biosecurity standards from the elements, diseases and predators which are most likely to come from outside of the poultries. In addition, animals can freely walk around the poultries and reach the feed and water constantly and regularly.

Our contracted turkey poultries are mainly located in Balıkesir, Bursa, Bolu, Kırklareli, Kocaeli, Istanbul, Bursa and Tekirdağ provinces.

You can keep fresh Alphindi products in the refrigerator (0-4 degrees) until the expiry date. The frozen products can be stored in the freezer (-18 degrees) up to one year.