All the turkeys grown in Alphindi farms are fed only with the feed produced in our feedmill. Our diligence in raw material procurement process is to ensure always a high quality food.

Our feedmill in Sakarya, Adapazarı serves with a pellet feed capacity of 50 tons/hour and a fulfet feed capacity of 8 tons/hour. Feed is prepared untouched, in accordance with the nutrients and energy value needed by the turkeys in the growth period and is shipped to the breeding farms by modern feed transport vehicles.

Feed transported to the farms is transferred into the closed feed stores and the feed in amounts to be consumed by the turkeys are automatically delivered to the feedboxes in the farm with the help of spirals.

In addition to the routine controls in our feedmills for essential nutrients (protein, fat, etc.) in the feed, our quality control laboratories also carry out microbiological tests and controls for mycotoxins and heavy metals, which directly concern human and animal health.