Hatching facility of Alphindi has a capacity of 9,360,000 eggs/year.
Eggs produced in poultries and stored are collected and brought to egg warehouse of the hatching facility by special transport vehicles. Necessary checks and selections are made for the eggs and stored in the sections with appropriate temperature and humidity.
Eggs are prepared for hatching according to the herd age, egg age and machine sorting and after the necessary disinfection process, they are placed in the “growth machines” to spend the 25-day growth period. After the 25-day growth period in such machines under suitable temperature, humidity and rotation conditions, the eggs are transferred to the “hatching machines”.
The eggs spent the last 3-day hatching process in the “hatching machines”. The chicks, which have fully hatched, dried and come to a condition to adapt outer environment are removed out of the machine.
At the end of a development and hatching period of a total of 28 days, the male and female chicks are separated and selected by the experts. Beak cutting and vaccines are made by automatic machines. The chicks selected to have the first quality are counted by machines and boxed. Boxed male and female chicks are moved to “chicks room” and then shipped to broiler farms by transport vehicles.